Vantage Resourcing’s principle service is placing highly skilled Canadian accountants across Western Canada. When you are facing a shortage of highly qualified global accountants, it can be easier and more cost effective than you might think to work with a high quality, boutique search firm.

Why should you work with Vantage to augment your recruitment efforts?

Sheila Carney, Vantage’s Founder & President, has 20 years’ experience as a senior accounting recruiter for the world’s top firms in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. She founded Vantage in 2006 and has built a team that consistently supports select clients with their accounting staffing needs. Because Vantage is a specialized, boutique firm, your search will have the attention, flexibility, and professionalism it deserves. Vantage invests the time to understand your unique needs and facilitate excellent results.

Not only can Vantage become your extra funnel for well-vetted candidates, Sheila Carney and her associates can provide you with expert counsel in the process, whether you are hiring permanent staff or looking for interim talent to cover major projects, peaks in workload, or a temporary shortage. The goal is that you turn to Vantage time and again when you require a pipeline of top-tier candidates. That’s why Vantage stands by their work with a first class, initial shortlist, a trusted replacement guarantee, and they won’t take on your assignment if they cannot deliver.

So, just how good are these Vantage CPA’s

Typically Vantage places designated CPAs/Canadian Chartered Accountants, or CA’s, who have trained with an International Top 20 Accounting firm. They also work with highly qualified Accountants who have gained their experience directly through Industry, or, Commerce.

Candidates posses a high level of education, training, and experience and are “hallmarked” by their professionalism, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Most often they will have had work experience in: External Financial Reporting, Audit, Risk Management, Tax, Treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis, Operational Accounting, Full Cycle Accounting and Controllership/Directorship, VP and CFO stewardship.

Vantage’s candidates have worked in large, complex entities, or, smaller high growth companies, in both the Public and Private sector and have IFRS/US GAAP and/or SEC Reporting experience, along with ASPE.

Is your organization and leadership team branded to attract the best global accounting talent?

Dedicated to innovative approaches that give you the advantage, Sheila Carney earned her designation as a Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist. She can guide you through a process of ensuring that when candidates Google your company and their interviewers, their perception of your “employer brand” is a match for what you want to convey in order to ultimately get the right talent to say “yes” to your offers.

Contact Vantage to discuss how we may add value to your recruiting efforts.

Sheila Carney offers a number of complimentary resources for Employers in her blog.