Preparing to Interview Candidates: A Checklist

Bringing a new person onto the team is an exciting prospect but not one to be taken lightly. You not only want to get maximum value out of the interview, but you also want to create a good impression and put your best foot forward. Assuming the date and time has been set some pre-planning is in order.

Use this checklist as a planning tool prior to your interview:

  • Be familiar with the job description and the responsibilities.
  • Read the candidate’s resume and highlight any areas of interest or concern.
  • Be aware of who the candidate will be meeting with and where you fall in the agenda and in the decision making process.
  • Allocate sufficient time for the interview.
  • Ensure other managers involved in the interview have booked off enough time and try to arrange the meetings as close together as possible.
  • Book a meeting room or alternate space to your office to meet the candidates.
  • If you need to use your office, ensure the areas is tidy and all confidential information is stowed away.
  • Dress to show respect to the applicant and to reflect the work environment.
  • Ensure there are no interruptions, switch the cell and main phone off.
  • Be prepared to sell both the role and the organization. Know what the key selling points are.
  • Be excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of hiring a new person to the team and make sure you remember to always demonstrate this.